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They certainly look nice, but then we can't copy the wisdom and paste it our own blogs or an email to hopeful design students. Maybe both dirty catalog card and straight text?


Aargh! You got me on a technicality Stephen but it's a very good point. Of course, you're assuming that they'll be worthwhile, which I hope they are but modesty prevails. You could take the image but yeh, I know that's not so good. I'll think abut it a little more...

Thanks Stephen.

Brad Brooks

Ooh, marvelous idea!

What's "The En-rule Rule"?

Obvious: just repeat the wisdom as text below the picture...


yes please! And, I like the cards. please keep the cards.


The En-rule Rule, well known but still not universally adhered to, will be up soon.

Regarding repeating the text: So far it's 2:2. I favour the current format (clearly) and you'll see that, at times, there'll be a mixture of text and card anyway. Let's just see how it goes.


Hooray! A great idea and just what I've always wanted. Seriously.

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