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Lovely stuff Richard. And Dutch as well - couldn't be better.


By the way, being the pernickety sort of chap I am, I hope you don't mind me pointing out that you seem to have caught Ben's apostrophe disease (ie lack thereof) in your new 'Elswhere' category.


You need one in people's as well!


Quite right David. Thanks.

(Smart arse).


But really, "Thanks".


Yeah, I know it's just like having someone look over your shoulder when you're trying to work. I'll go away now (but only until tomorrow).


Zwart, a.k.a. type god - yes, a true inspiration; forget all those how to books (unless you're just starting out) and just look and learn from his example. Makes me go weak at the knees!

Johan Venema

The Teka catalogue is not made by Piet Zwart,but by Henny Cahn[also a dutch graphic designer]about 1935.
Johan Venema,The Netherlands
Collector of dutch avantgarde graphic design.

carolina torres

zwart he is really brilliant

Todd Duren

Zwart is a genius, as you say, at making the ordinary extraordinary. I'm planning a study abroad experience for American design student in the Netherlands, and this Zwart Flickr set will be great for my design history slides!

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