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Just have to say I'm loving the phrase "scarey biscuits". And not everyone's forgotten American Typewriter, I use it fairly often. 'snice!


We'd use American Typewriter alot. In fact it's my wife's "corporate" font. There's nothing quite like it.


American Typewriter is not forgotten. Its the primary brand typeface for Sony Ericsson. Look on the side of any London bus...

(I don't work for them).


I second the 'scarey biscuits' thing. A quality exclamation!

Great find, btw


I'm inclined to the view that you should refer to American Typewriter as one of your favorites (as opposed to favourites). Don't you think?


Damn it David, you're right!

Erik Larsson

In regard to the letragraphica series, Anybody knows how to get ahold of Beans and also Baby Teeth by Dieter Zembsch. I believe they were designed for the letragraphica series. Are they available in digital format?


Hi Erik,

I can't help you with the fonts you're looking for but you could try Typophile. The Type ID Board is brilliant. I've used it to both identify and source fonts. The response has always been fast and spot on. I bet they could help:



A digital version of Baby Teeth (by Milton Glaser) is available, called 'Bebit'.

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