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For those interested in design work from the 60's there is a D&AD lecture in London next month by Ivan Chermayeff, who used to work with Brownjohn. Should be really a really great talk. Check out the site for tickets here

Also here is an interesting inverview from the AGI site.

Vicki Brown

I love this book too. I used to only have 1 favourite book (The Art of Looking Sideways) but this is up there with an equal share.


I havent read it but it sounds cool. Any book that puts designers in the same stead as miles davis etc is worth reading I think! Art is Art

Logo Design

I think now a days people prefer to read some article instead to read whole book. But i suggest the people never miss to read this book.


I like the TV show Mad Men. I think it would have been really cool to be a designer in the 50's and 60's. The thought of not using a computer is quite appealling.

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