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Prêt à Voyager

Wow! What incredible finds! It's very Amelie-esque too! I hope one day I can discover someone's old treasures.


Graham G

Great creative opportunity there for someone to take those and turn them into a story.
Reminds me of a large biscuit tin that my Grandmother used to keep with a huge stack of photos of the family.

Mike Reed

Fabulous, Richard. And 'Loft and Found' is brilliant. I assume you know www.foundmagazine.com? These should be up there.

Vicki Brown

ooooo they're gooood! I love the one with the bicycles, it feels a bit sinister. The rejects are always the best I think, even if it's a bit of a dull picture some developing weirdness can give it great character. And obviously they weren't bad enough to just throw away, just not good enough to make it into the album. Have you had a mooch through my Sandwich Tin (http://www.flickr.com/photos/vickispics/sets/72157600090520821/) before? I will be scouring more car boot sales and musty shops in the future to add to it I think. I keep meaning to 'turn them into' something, but can't decide what. They feel too precious.


Hi Vicki,

Oh, it was you! I knew I'd seen some old photos on someone's blog months ago, must have been you. It was partly that that made we want to get these online; I should have credited you. I love the two big ones here, they're so "dull". Brilliant! But then, that woman on a hill, standing at that slight angle is really spooky.

I've actually got a load more to upload when I get the time.


Beautiful haunting collection.


Beautiful haunting collection.

The Worst of Perth

Please do put more of these up. There is a certain feeling you get when you open a packet of unknown old photos, especially discarded ones - a little guilt, a little expectation, a little...something else. Also, thanks for the link. The Worst of Perth is proving unexpectedly popular. There are a few font and kerning faux pas that your readers may find amusing.


A seriously amazing find. Sometimes the wonkiest are the most stunning.

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