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Hi Richard,
Did he mention how the data gathering was undertaken? Nightly entries into a moleskine? The wearing of a pedometer?
Was the collecting part something he enjoyed (like Nick Hornby's music lists), or a burden (like my financial accounts)?

David Airey

Hi Richard,

I was going to ask how the talk went, so I'm glad to know it was a success for all involved. Did you put the heart in the cheesecake for Nicholas? Very artistic.


Andrew: a good question, could have done with you there. Didn't ask "how" but as to "why", the impression I got was that it was a natural inclination and only very, very occasionally a chore; Nicholas, if I remember correctly, did say that noting every street name he walked down was a bit of a bind, but did make an interesting map (I could be mis-paraphrasing there).

David: we should have got them to make it a pie chart.

Loïc Boyer

I'm speechless. I wish I was there… No record (mp3/avi)?
Aaaarrgh, I feel like like a Prince fan in the '80s who missed a gig in a club.


"Cheesecake eaten in Belfast by Nicholas Felton: 1" fucking hilarious.

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Interesting to hear about the development, thanks for writing up.
You have to naturally the motivation for that sort of thing don't you, I tried playing with Daytum for a bit but it ground me down pretty quick. Partly because it feels a bit unneccessary though - when you have things like last.fm keeping records for you already.

Never thought of the Paul Auster link before but definitely, yes!

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Nicholas Felton sounds like and interesting man.

P.S. That Cheesecake looks amazing!! MMMM


Well done on the posters, I saw them up all around Uni. A real shame I couldn't be there, as we were on a Viscom class trip to Paris :-(


CBC Radio's Spark has an interview with Felton on their blog. http://tinyurl.com/cj5324

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