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Any idea why they don't allow pictures? I've come across some Museums that don't allow you to take pictures, which is a bit silly (if you ask me, which you didn't…). I hate the fact that I'm going to forget most of it and can't take some interesting pics for future reference.


I think it's an old fashioned/out-dated idea really. I feel like there was a time when, generally, you just weren't allowed to take photos in galleries and museums. Now, what with image sharing and blogging, it seems like anything goes. In galleries, I guess lots of flash photography is probably bad for ancient artwork and perhaps there's a security issue too. I agree, really it seems a bit tight of them. That said, I'm pretty sure I could have taken a few but I was busy chasing our kids round.

Ian Devlin

Sounds like fun (except for the chasing the kids around bit). I wasn't even aware there was a place called Vinci (I suppose I should have guessed given the "da" in his name) nor that there was a museum dedicated to the great man.

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