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Adam Williams

The book has been on my wishlist for a couple of weeks. I think you've given me the push. Looks useful.

You mentioned you'll be using Sentinel and Whitney for the paper; is Whitney commercially available? We wanted to try it out for a train timetable redesign…


Yes, just click on "Whitney" there and it'll take you to it.

Adam Williams

Oh, last time I looked it wasn't for sale. Good to know, ta.


I pre-ordered the book, as I think Khoi Vin is a hugely talented designer with great experience and a distinctive voice, but I haven't been able to read it properly. It looks like the same (golden law of the fibonacci thirds) stuff that's always clogging up the front of design books, and it looks so dry without the depth of (for example) Andre Jute's. Am I wrong?


Well, yes, it's not deep. And yes, the intro skims the surface of commonly referenced gridlaw. But if you can get past that, it does de-mystify the use of grids applied to web. For me, it worked because of other things I know and it helped me focus that knowledge onto the job in front of me. It was good timing, as much as anything.


I've been reading Khoi's blog for years, so it's good to see him collect a lot of his insights into a printed edition.

I'm also primarily a print designer, so his advice was vital for my own recent redesign (you'll notice a lot of similarities with the example site he builds throughout the book!).

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