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Nick Asbury

What book did you order? I think I might want to order it as well.

I've also just checked to see if there is an iPhone 'app' for this kind of thing. Found this:

Worth reading the 'disclaimer' towards the end of the description though.


I ordered this one Nick:

The first review sold it to me. I could have written it. Gonna try that App as well though. Cheers!

Nick Asbury

Thank you, might have to order a copy. It's always frustrating to think you might be looking at a field full of tasty treats, but then having to restrain yourself for fear of a violent death.


Death IS my main concern.

Andy Ley

Just be careful out there; a guy I know who has been picking and eating 'shrooms for years let a dodgy one slip through onto his lunch plate the other week and it put him in hospital for 72 hours.

That said, when I were a wee slip of a lad I went picking with my mum regularly and there is nothing quite like the taste of a freshly harvested mushroom.



Thanks Andy. A word of warning countered by an encouraging childhood memory. Nicely balanced.


Richard - when you have time, you need to listen to this programme

Apparently there's one essential book that you shouldn't do without, by Roger Phillips

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