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Wow - I'd say that would be difficult to read. Thank you for sharing.


I did a project about this book. And not some boring report. I had to create a butterfly symbolizing a poem in this book. But while scanning through the poems, I found a poem called At Terezin. I felt a slight connection to it like it was me in that ghetto...


Thanks for the comment Tay. It's a powerful book. Beautiful and ugly at the same time.


I found "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" here on your site while checking the internet for some information about the Children of Terezin. And that brought that irresistible wish to me to OWN this original first edition! And happily: I got it from America today!!

It all came from this: I have a book about Friedl Dicker-Brandeis in my library. She was the BAUHAUS-Teacher of that Terezin-Children. And was murdered like them all at Auschwitz... I one day read in this book again and wanted to know MORE about! http://www.sharat.co.il/lel/friedl/home.html

That's what I wanted to tell you. And: your website is BRILLIANT!! Best wishes from ACHIM


Thanks for a great comment. Glad you found that amazing book.


Hello Richard, it is me once again, ACHIM from Germany. Just as I posted my comment the link about Friedl Dicker-Brandeis was out of order! Don't know why. If it is possible for you, you may please change it: I found another interesting one:

Best wishes ACHIM


Hello, My name is Karen and I am 13 years old. I am currently working on a holocaust history project. I am focusing on the children and my teacher recommended this book to me. The pictures and poems were very sad. But, I liked the voice in them. The book really touched my heart!


Hi Karen. It's an amazing book. Beautifully made but heart breaking. I presume you have a copy but, if by chance you haven't, I'd be happy to scan pages for you.


This is the first book I remember crying about.

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