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This reminds me of another blog,
a nice blog of a pattern maker!


These are so beautiful.


i love these penguin patterns.
you've an interesting blog. helvetica is my favourite typeface of all time,plus i like old graphics on stamps. nice one.


Wow..these are stunning - I am so glad to have discovered Russ' work {via Lena, via you!}...it is just divine!

I found one of his books on eBay this evening - so the collection has begun! I am so very much looking forward to seeing more of your collection unfold too...



what a great finding your blog was! i'm a book cover designer myself and, of course, love penguin covers and graphics. will come back for future visits! cheers


That sureley must be the most beautiful book cover I've ever seen! Love it love love it!

But your blog is full of beautiful things! thanks for sharing!

David Margolies

There are earlier (and not Russ) versions of C&C verse and MC&C verse, which are nowhere near as nice (and what I own). Now I have to find these.

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