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wow, thanks for sharing (you and adam)!


Stunning! So lovely to see these...and flat scanned to, as he would have laid them out in his original artwork {or so I imagine?}...

Thank you both...!


Thank you so much for this. They are truly remarkable. What a treat!


I've been collecting these for a couple of years - poetry of the 30's is still my favorite. Gorgeous, isn't it?


It is. Lots more to come too.

George Redgrave

A real pleasure to see these covers in this unbound form.

gerry mcfarlane

A site that has pages dedicated to Stephen Russ (direct link in url) and his designs for the Penguin Poets series.

Kate Andrews

Generally, I love Penguin books but these have shot straight to the top of my favourites. Thank you for sharing these.


Great post, thanks. I've got the Auden and the Browning, and admire the rest.

The Penguin Modern Poets series was excellent too. It's interesting to see the poets that were featured, often at early stages of their careers.

Occasionally it throws up writers who were more famous for their novels or other efforts (like Lawrence Durrell or Kingsley Amis for example).

Volume 5 is quite "Mad Men", with some Beat writing from Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti. Cool cover too. . .


Hi there, I'm a Picture Editor working for Bath University. I'm trying to track down the estate of Stephen Russ, as the University would like to publish one of his artworks. I see from the post above you've been in contact with his grandson, Adam.

I wonder if you'd be so kind to pass on my request to get in touch, as Adam or another family member may be the person who can grant permission?

Many thanks!

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