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Charles Frith

Brilliant confessional.

Feels like an opportunity to join in... I spotted Oliver Stone in a night club and went over to say hello. So after shaking his hand, I gave him my ancient history soundbite of Alexander the great that I knew he'd been shooting in Thailand.

"Hey Oliver, I hope you didn't skip over Alexander the Greats bisexuality, and that while he was pinning down whole armies across Asia he was also pinning down his Generals at night"

Maybe he knew he'd shot a turkey of a movie but with just a look to his cohorts, I was ushered out of his distance in no time at all.

Shame really, as I never got to tell him he's an American hero. Not just for doing two voluntary tours of duty in Vietnam when the current president of the United States and the Neocons were skipping class, but also for shooting JFK. Which was the other big smoke-and-mirrors-caught-on-film-spectacle that hoodwinked a lot of people.

You only get one chance to make a first impression :)


funny, i thought Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. . .

Youssef Sarhan

hahaha! I met him last week, he's a colleague of mine. Very funny story you got there.

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