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Well, hallelujah! Someone else who will actually ADMIT in print they feel that Emperor Flickr is wearing an outfit of singularly flimsy manufacture... It's one of the clumsiest "popular" interfaces I've ever seen, (on the other hand, demos of it make wonderful (negative!) illustrations when you're speaking about clarity and openness in page design). You've made my day.


just discovered your blog and will now read every single day. don't stop, best blog i've encountered ever!


More Ray:


Hey, great site.

Flickr's okay for limited stuff, and the interface is pretty clanky; but the upload tool works really well. And I like the fact that people don't have to sign in to it in order to see your photos.

Speaking of which, here are some shots of the Gregynog Press over in Wales. http://www.flickr.com/photos/alistairhall/sets/72157594273362760/

Read more here: http://wemadethis.typepad.com/we_made_this/2006/09/sir_kyffin_will.html

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