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Now, do you mean "Brilliant, back to normal next week" or "Fletcher week was brilliant!"?


Fletcher week was brilliant. Of course.

simon robinson

Nice to see the coverage. I have to say while marvelling at the huge range of his output, I did find myself getting a little emotional at some of the very personal items like the christmas cards, and couldn't really bring myself to go through the notebooks at the end. I think this is because it's all so recent.
I was surprised to spot the curvy coathangers on display, and on my return had a rummage in the 'to sort' boxes in the attic and found three of these which I'd rescued from my mother's house when she moved a couple of years ago. So they'll get pride of place when I finish the new wardrobe.
The only downside was the lack of any decent souvenirs - a few postcards would've been nice, or some repro posters. The poster they did offer I grabbed, only to find when I got it home it was a second-hand folded invite to the show preview...

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