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Is that the Mr Tourette who climbed/walked out of Big Brother?


Sometimes I love Cooper.


Me too.


Who's Cooper?

And are they related to Mr Tourette?


Now David you know very well who Cooper is and that Mr Tourette is his cousin.


To be honest, I've always turned my nose up at the mention of Cooper Black. So I guess the same also applies to Tourette Blonde (although, I must admit, if Tourette Blonde was a Belgian beer I'd probably enjoy it).


I find, like with Clarendon, there are times when nothing suits better than a bit of Cooper Black. But you've made me think that it would be an excellent name for a dark ale or rather, over here, a stout...wouldn't it be ace to be able to order a pint of Cooper Black please landlord? And two glasses of Bembo Italic for the ladies.


Does Mrs Ace Jet know that you go out drinking with two willowy blondes on your arm?

For myself, I'm going to take up pig farming (like Ko Sliggers http://davidthedesigner.typepad.com/davidthedesigner/2006/11/ko_sliggers_mor.html ) - I want to save that rare breed, the Baskerville Old Face.


That's brilliant David.

I'm trying to think of a gag for Trump Mediaeval but it just reminds me of nasty smells in Latin class.

What about popping down to the corner shop for a quarter of Poppl-Pontifex?


Well I don't want to boast about it, but I'm just working on a newspaper redesign. I'm using Braggadocio for the masthead.


Wow. Braggadocio's cool and with a name like that it almost doesn't matter what it looks like. I'd like to see the results. Opportunities to use Braggadocio must come up about once every 50 years, which means it can only ever have been used about twice!

Warren Black

With the surname of Black, and a child recently born, first names such as Cooper for a boy and Helvetica for a girl were actually bandied about by me.... oh, the fun you could have.


Cooper would have been ace Warren, I'd love Seth to have a mate named after a typeface. Is Harryhausen registered yet? Is there still time?

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