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Oooh lovely. I've got these too. I was about to ask if you've got the Action Cookbook but something rang a bell and I found it in your archives. One of my all-time favourite book covers ever.


Am I the only person on the planet who thinks 'Billion Dollar Brain' is the best of the three Harry Palmer films? It's got everything, sexy Russians, crazy Americans, beautiful frozen landscapes, and wonderful theme music.

This "Ipcress File" paperback I have has a great cover too:



I'm happy to say I've got these editions too. And is it me or is Deighton often overlooked as a writer? These stories are superb, and I was always more of a Harry Palmer man than a James Bond fan. You always feel that Palmer's fighting a little class war of his own, even when he's up against the Eastern Bloc.
Great to see the Action Cookbook on your site too.


Deighton is an amazing writer. Miles better than Fleming. And it's a shame that there's really only one great Palmer film. Someone's got to put that right some time.


Couldn't agree more. The shabby, claustrophobic feel to Deighton's spy world knocked spots off Fleming's one dimensional efforts. Deighton's a natural story teller, and Palmer's a great character; part hero, part conman. It might just be me but I think he's got far more style than Bond ever did. . .

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