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David Airey :: Creative Design ::

Very nice, Richard.

I do enjoy the colours and shapes.


Very nice! but... well...




Nice find Michelle, fascinating in fact. I've had a dig around and for anyone interested, the original poster was by Giovanni Pintori from exactly 50 years ago. But take a look at the product, it's a beauty (really):


Mr. One-Hundred

Oh, dear...

Thorsten Schmidt

yes nice, but look at the link above from Michele! I have seen the work of the olivetti ads in the "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe" in Hamburg. Good design stays good for years. So "We've tried to do something that's fresh"... i don´t know about that...
still nice though!


It's a funny thing. I think the natural reaction, as a designer, might be, "rip off!", driven as we are by originality (hopefully), but then it's advertising (driven by effectiveness?) so appropriation is perfectly OK isn't it? It works and it does look "fresh" even if, technically, it isn't. I wonder if the Pintori poster sparked the whole creative approach?

Of course, Ben, and Richard Huntingdon, are way ahead of us:

Mr. One-Hundred

Well, it does look fresh, but, you know there’s that little “moral” and/or “legal” issue of plagiarism... oh, wait, we’re talking about advertising. My mistake. ;-)

Elisabeth Dunker

Your blog is great!! Love the playfulness: the colors and the shapes of this one.

Giovanni Pintori

is an illegal plagiarism of the sardinian genious.


Giovanni, is that really you?


it simply wasn't plagiarism
I know because I made them,
look for the big g in the arrows poster
(once I realized the similarity, I paid my respects)

And as far as I know it's only the arrows poster
in vertical format that bears a resemblance.

So please, think before you post,

and make work, because it's really difficult
to make great work that isn't close to something else

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