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Great tip, and fantastic examples! I love this series.

David Airey :: Creative Design ::

The centre and right examples are very clean, but I'm not liking the left one too much.

What is it that appeals to your design taste?




Funnily enough David it's the one on the left that I like most, then I'm a sucker for a bit of dirty old wood type. The other two are beautiful/elegant. The Swift one is so evocative of posters of his time and every time I look at it I get a stirring in my loins (but you don't want to hear about that); wood type is so physical. In our Mac-polished world the inherent flaws of wood type are the equivalent of ripping each other's cloths off in frenzied abandonment.

You know, I suspect that doesn't come across well in a comment but I'm fired up right now thinking about wood type.

The Hazlitt design (to calm me down) is straight out of the Bodoni Type Specimen book (brilliant!).

David E.

Centering can be the visual manifestation of indecision. I have three other rules that keep me from putting indecision into a design. If I catch myself using any of these, it's a sign that there is probably a better way.

1. Gradients
2. Graying out an image to put type over it
3. Repetition of an element

Charles Edward Frith

Stuff like this just makes me hungry for more tips.

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