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The stand-out for me is 'The Naked Society' (top right) - who did that?


It's really strong isn't it; a bit menacing. It's by Birdsall.


I picked up a first edition DESIGN, that looks like it should be part of your Pelican collection, the other week in a book fair in Newcastle for a pound. I'll dig it out and send you a photo. Interesting read, although only a few pages mention typography and graphic design there is some timeless wisdom.


Where on earth did you hide all this stuff? You must have the biggest loft on Belfast!!


All your pelicans are very evocative! the covers have a purity
that suggests the emergence of a second generation of digital aesthetics to the rival the 'layered look of the past'; representing
a frash voice in contemporary design.
Exposing a fascinating parallel between the content/subject of the
book and design.

Best Regards,

I am doing some design research on Barry Trengove, an Australian designer who did a lot of work in the UK during the 1960s-early 80s. Noticed that you mention BTs name as a designer in the All New Pelican collection can you let me know which cover/s are by him?
Thanks. Graham


Lovely...but have you any more Alan Spain covers? I love his photography.


One day I'll get around to tagging my flickr pics with the designer - there's certainly more Alan Spain covers there - I just couldn't identify them right now.

Andreas Mueller

I'm trying to find out who designed Robert Goodman's "After the Planners" (Pelican 1972). Any idea?
Thank you very much and best wishes,


Hi Andreas,

I don't have that one - I presume you do and there's no credit. It's a great photo and nice typography but my gut feeling is that it was done in-house. Can't be certain though.

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