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The Graham Greene story you mentioned is in Phil Baines' "Penguin By Design" book (page 175).

It was Greene's idea to do purely typographic colours and he talked a skeptical David Pelham and Derek Birdsall into it. They tried it for a few titles (I have a copy of 'Brighton Rock' in that style) and sales plummeted so they went back to the Paul Hogarth illustrations for the next reprint.

Rafael Lüder

You probably read about the story behind the design of Graham Greene's covers in Phil Baine's Penguin by Design (p. 174–175).

James Mackay

The anecdote on Birdsall (who did design that cover) and Greene is reported in Phil Baines' 2005 book 'Penguin by Design' and was repeated by Derek Birdsall at the 'Penguin by Designers' Study Day in 2005, of which the book has just been published by the Penguin Collectors' Society. Its cover, the design drawing of Romek Marber's grid, is beautiful, so I expect to see it on your pages before long.


Thanks, everyone, for the correct story.

James: it's my next entry. My copy was waiting for me when I got home on Friday.

Bureau L'Imprimante

Stop wondering everyone, this great black typographic cover was designed by Pierre Faucheux’ studio. They've been in charge for almost the Livre de Poche covers in the second part of the '60s. How do I now that? Well while I was in Chaumont I found this great publication called Marie Louise
who told me all about P.F.’ book designs.


Thanks Loïc! I'll sleep much better now.

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