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Mark Earls

Genius. I have an early 70s one in the attic.

Top blog bt

David Livingston

Beautiful stuff, and how the memory jogs! My Dad had/has this atlas (I'll have to ask him) and I remember flicking through it as a boy... much like you do first time you're on Google Earth - no apparent reason, just looking around.


I once had a dreadful job interview at Reader's Digest. Many years ago, and not the worst by a long chalk. But it's funny how a bad interview can cloud your opinion about a whole organisation. Maybe I ought to post about it - and give the libel lawyers something to do.


I picked one up at a thrift store and had the same reaction as you. The use of colour is also quite stunning.

David Atkinson

As a small boy in the mid 1970s I got a really deep paper cut on my thumb from my parents' copy of that atlas.

It was page 31.


Funnily enough there's a blood stain on page 31 of this copy!

David Atkinson

I've just called my parents: they've still got their copy.

It would seem I'm not the only victim of this treacherous tome. It lures you in with its seductive information graphics on 'Whale And Eel Migrations' and the like, then bam! Dario Argento all over the Dralon.

Bleeders Digest, more like.


"Bleeders Digest". Very good!

Luke Tonge

I picked up one of these last year and swiftly cut the thing up and stuck it all over my student house - we study the heavens in our toilet on a daily basis.. and on returning to the same charity shop whence it came, i was very pleased to find another similar copy - this time a european atlas as opposed to world...

Beautiful images with very striking covers.

Ross Johnson

the atlas that you have put on the Internet is the same atlas as i have got so if you find any interesting things in an atlas just tweet me on twitter or find me on Facebook.

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