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David Airey :: Creative Design ::

Nice tip, Richard.

I hadn't actually thought of that before. Very practical.

The image appears fine so I'm not sure if your extra piece of coding works.

Bert Vanderveen

I use a variation of this for typebased logo's: the typesize is set to 10 pts (or a convenient multiple). Now, if in my layout I want it to fit in with other type (eg for a letterhead where most of the type may be 9 pts), I can establish a regularized relation with that by scaling the imported logo to 90% to achieve 9pt logolettering, or 120% to achive 12pt, etcetera.


I'm actually going to use that one. Right here. Right now. Thanks.


i cant see any code... is it there?

and on topic, damn obvious tip, that i never have thougth before lol. But anyways... i use InDesign :D


Still works for InDesign if you place your logo rather than bring in the vector artwork. That way you're protecting the integrity of the logo as well, i.e. there's no danger of altering it by mistake or if you do need to modify the logo (say if it's work-in-progress) the "new" version will be updated in all the files you've placed it into, so you don't have to replace them all manually.

You probably know better than me (I'm new to InDesign) but if you increase the Vector Graphics quality in Display Performance preferences your logos will still look ace.

But that's just what I'd do. I'm sure you're perfectly happy doing what you do Freeza.

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