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Do you think he's any relation to Derek (Jacobi that is)?

And are those 1904 post-its in the picture top right?

Nice centering though - I knew you'd be the man to demonstrate that good-looking centering is possible (no matter what Ben http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com/design/2007/05/things_i_we_hav.html says).

Mike Nosal

Pott, Double Pott, Foolscap and Super Royal! What great names. All we get are crud like "Super B" or "legal size" or "A3". Congratulations on your find.

gordon ling

Yeah. They make paper sizes sound 'exotic'. Just curious, how many pages does this book carry?


409 Gordon. Why?


Now come on Richard, you know as well as I do that no book can possible consist of 409 pages. 409 page numbers maybe, but not 409 pages. Go and count them again.

gordon ling

It looks thinner in the picture. Was just wondering because comparing the top right image with the point system page (336) just made me wonder about it.


Yes, OK, David is, as ever, quite right in pointing out my embarrassing mistake. There are in fact 412 text pages plus 8 pages of advertisments and 8 pages of paper samples. The latter being individual sheets of different paper stocks.

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