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When Helvetica Week's over, can we have a Bodoni Bash?


I like the way you think David. Watch this space...

(Invoice to the usual place)

Andrew Kingham

Would a Mrs Eaves (coffee) morning be pushing it a bit far?


No, quite frankly. I'll pencil it in.

zee homebug

I took a couple of pics of the Helvetica display in the Museum of Modern Art when I was in New York recently- I'll email them to you if you like! Anniversaries are such fun- I'll be having Charles Eames Day on my blog tomorrow!


Send pics Zee!


Revenge of the Glyph?

zee homebug



The Helvetica documentary is a wonderful, beautiful film. It’s filled with designer egos and wry humor. I viewed the film at the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, MN – USA, and truly enjoyed it. I laughed more than I expected too.

The director mentioned that he had over 80 hours of film. The one question I had wanted to ask him was “were there any moments in the filming you felt were important or poignant, that you wish they had made it into the film?” (is there an out-take reel?)

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did in Minneapolis. (both shows sold out in 24 hours)


Thanks Melissa, that's a really nice comment. We're really looking forward to it - just hope our's is a sell out too.

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