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You're a man after my own heart, Richard. Octavo was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - plus it also taught us that Univers was way ahead of Helvetica when it came to font choice, don't you think?


I'm glad to see 8vo get a mention; they were such pioneers of digital typography. And I love that they did a little retrospective book based on process, rather than a self-aggrandizing coffee table book.


Thanks so much for digging these out! Helvetica is truly timeless - that cover and contents spread could've been designed yesterday!

Coincidentally I recently dug out some interesting 90s journals and books recently that I'd squirreled away as a student. Highlights (?) include the Carson Emigre issue, multiple copies of BlahBlahBlah and Raygun, Tomato's Bareback and an interesting Citrus Exhaust:Emission A3-sized catalogue. I just got the base model, I couldn't spring at the time for the T-Shirt+CD issue! Still looks great in its A3 anti-static bag!

Doesn't date me at all, I'm sure!


I too, have most of the Octavo books. I was so touched by the designs back then, that to this day, I treasure them with more value than gold!

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