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Just received an email from Northside featuring your helvetica poster, great to see it close up (it's the fags n' mud one) what happened to the one that I assume is taken looking out to our beautiful Lough? I think I preferred that one. Anyway they are both really great work, love them. Are any of them plastered around Belfast, it'd be great to spot one! Keep up the great work. Loved the Octavo post too, I've read all of them, they are outstanding!


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the comments, a lot of people seem to prefer the Lough poster but the film organisers preferred the fag pack one. So do I. The Lough poster is more pleasing to the old eyes but I think "Helvetica could damage your health" is more fun.

Anyway, enough of this, the important thing is: are you lot coming to see the film?


It is more fun, you're right. I'm just an old romantic for a river (and an ex-smoker). Yes some of us are going down, though I'm off down that same river on Friday - off home to England so I'm going to miss it - gutted! Do you know when a DVD goes on sale?


Glad to hear at least some of you can make it; we're dead excited (well me and Jodie are, the others are under strict instructions to attend or die). I imagine it'll be a while until the DVD goes on sale, Gary hasn't been to Eastern Mongolia with it yet. If/when I hear otherwise, I'll let you know.

Love that ferry crossing!

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