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"07. Grumpy old designers should cheer up and open their eyes."

Thanks, I'll bear it in mind.


Yes, you do that David...or should I say, "Grumpy"?

Andrew Kingham

There's a quiz. Fill in the gaps for nos 14, 23 et al. I've always been put off buying this book since I've read a proportion of them already on screen, but I find I skim-read on-line. Partly because I should be working.

David is rarely grumpy, and seems very open to new stuff. Unless you mention '2012' and 'logo' in the same sentence.


But that would make me sound like one of the seven dwarfs, which I'm not.


Of course, I wouldn't dream of really calling you grumpy or old David.


Hey Andrew - here's what really makes me grumpy:

Middled-age women who queue up at the 'ten items or less till' when they've got a trolley-load of shopping;

Then you get outside and find they've parked their Mercedes estate in the 'disabled' bay;

Then they tell you to 'piddle orf' when you point out that they have no social conscience.



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