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Nice...but I do find it unsettling that a RED BUS PASS should be printed in orange - or is that just your photography?


OK, so I don't colour correct all my pictures! It is, as you'd expect, red.


Hah, somebody beat me to the "orange" comment. Oh well.

I used to love eBay for finding unique items, but my account has been hacked twice, and practically every day I get a bogus email from somebody claiming I need to "register" my account again.

While it may not be a big deal, the trust factor isn't at 10, and that bugs me.


That's a relief (it's really troubling, this design disease).


I would like to see where you keep all this great stuff. Do you have shelves and bins overflowing?

My better half doesn't let me keep these kinds of things.


Beth: we have a surprisingly tidy house and a packed loft.

Everyone else: sorry for the colour inbalance induced stress.

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