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Eurostile? Looks like it! Though, I'd assume the sign went up with the building in the 30s, in which case Eurostile would have been some 30 years away from being designed. Very similar though!

It's a shame to see the old floral hall in such a decrepit state. It's such a beautiful building and I've been told some wonderful stories about it and its surrounding grounds by my grandparents. (see here: http://special.st-andrews.ac.uk/saspecial/image.php?i=7684&r=2&t=4)

The floral hall was built along with the old zoo back in the 30s. I don't live too far away from the Bellevue area and regularly pass the site of the old zoo and pleasure gardens on the bus to and from the City Centre. It is run down and overgrown and is only ever used to house sick animals nowadays. If anyone is ever up this neck of the woods on a double-decker metro bus make sure to sit upstairs to have a look at the old zoo, it truly is a sight to behold. I'm sure there is a lot of nice type in there too, pity it is closed to the public!

Great post, love that area of the city! So much history and for a change it's all good!


Thanks Brian, great comment too.

I'd guess that sign isn't the original. Eurostile is fairly unique and the lettering does look rather "bolted on". The typeface was designed in '62 and the hall was still being used in the late '60s, and for some groovy stuff, so I expect it was a (possibly successful) attempt to make the place look more "hip".

Fascinating info on the old zoo and the area; I'll take more notice next time we're up that way.

Bureau L'Imprimante

Really nice pics of that Floral Hall. From what I can see here, it looks frightening. I wish I had such a building around my place.

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