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Wow! Any word on when this hits US shores? Can't find it on Amazon US..


Ha, I have that Harrington one on the right.

I can't wait to get this.

David Airey

Superb Richard!

Still, no substitute for the real thing eh?


I just tried ordering this online and the blinking shopping bit of the website doesn't seem to be working. Any clues as to where it's stocked at the mo?


Oh, I forgot about Amazon... :P


That's a great looking cover.


Sorry Chris, no idea about the US.

I got mine on Amazon Michael.

The cover is ace isn't it Ben. I love what Pearson's done with it. So appropriately simple. Worthy of that book cover blog:

I think I'll submit it...




i love your flickr image sets. i just posted about them on my blog:


with a link to your site.

Andrew Trezise

Yes, Seven Hundred Penguins is available in Australia. Initially I questioned the purpose of it, but I now think that the artistic and design value of many of the Penguin covers is amazing. Seeing so many, allows the 'reader' to reminisce and also be informed about titles. This can prompt further reading...and anyway, what a good coffee table book!
I always thought the green Penguin Crime series had wonderful covers, esp 1960s-early 70s.

andrew [email protected]

david pollard

I have quite a few actual green penguins (penguin crime fiction) Any interest out there

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