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Joe Moran



Very Respectfully,


Love the blog.

As someone without an artistic bone in his body, can I ask you (or other readers)a very naive question, which is illustrated perfectly by your photo of the Gower book (and my own 1950s copy). It's clear that, when stored on a bookshelf, the text on the spine of this book will be "the wrong way round" (ie rotated by 180 degrees) relative to virtually every one of the hundreds of other books on my shelves. The same issue occurs very occasionally with the text on CD spines.

Does this happen as the result of a conscious decision to 'go against the flow' and make the item stand out, or is it (and I admit it seems unlikely) just carelessness?!

This question has always intrigued me (how sad is that?) - especially since I end up storing books and CDs 'the wrong way up' just to get the text displayed in the same orientation as on the neighbouring items...

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