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That's one funky bulldog clip.


So I'm asking then! What else is on the list?


Dear Mr Acejet,
Could you suggest a must-read list for designers?


Oh, all right. Seeing as you've asked, I'll put a list together and post it up over the next couple of days.


A more interesting question, perhaps – can you suggest a must-read list for non-designers?


I'll have a go.

Tessy Britton

This is the most beautifully presented posting I have even seen! And I said so on my blog http://thrivingitsallgood.blogspot.com/


the world's best selling book is the holy bible-

check the statistics people!!! xxx


Hi Eboni,

Glad you picked up on that. Glad someone has because it's something that's been kind of bugging me for ages, but not for the same reason as you.

You see, it's a joke. The book cover actually says (in cunning ad-man style) "The world's best selling book BY PAUL ARDEN", which, seeing as this was his first book, it was. Even it only sold one copy, it would still have been his best selling book (get it?). The funny thing was that when his second book came out, it said something like, "...author of the world's best selling book..." which didn't work but no one's mentioned it.

Incidentally, and talking of things Biblical, his third book (the one in the middle) fails miserably to explain God.

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