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Eddie Gonzalez

I agree there are some really sorry looking entries in there, but I wonder which of those you see as the cream of the crop...I mean of the bad ones.

[url=http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2018/2225151075_5b4e238fe8_m.jpg]This one[/url] had no business being entered.


It's still shocked that most of those designed are in the top 20. There are a few good ones, like mine and yours, but for the most part they are bloody awful. Who is voting for these terrible designs? I mean, do majority of the people going to that site have a bad sense of design? Or is someone pulling a prank and trying to give the worst designs a high rating? Who knows. Hopefully the judges have better taste.

I'd put more effort into getting my voted more but as of right now my design isn't eligible since I'm not a resident of the UK or Ireland, which is pretty lame if you ask me. Good thing though, it seems like they are trying to change the rules to let everyone in. But by that time it might be too late for me.

Good luck man, I hope you win it all cause your design is definitely the best by a long shot.


Wow, that one with the goldfish is a total eyesore.


yes it is, but it will get most of the 'nasty font-lover' vote.

Kieren Messenger

The fact that this guy http://www.flickr.com/photos/coversourcing/ has 4 entries in the 'top' 20 makes me die a little inside.

Its clear the whole thing is a shambles, with the public voting and comment system means that guys like Dave are defending what are widely regarded as either poor designs or, at a stretch, good concepts implemented badly.

Graham G

Way out in the lead from what I've seen (I voted anyway).

Seriously what's going on with the Goldfish and that 80's stock image of the Globe?


Aaaaaaah! The goldfish! No, not the goldfish!


I think the one with the people pointing at the camera is so great!

Thom Wong

I read over the explanation of the voting system with interest, and still don't understand it. Surely there are better systems available that don't average out the entire votes. I understand that it's an attempt to garner a top-20, but still.

Some of them make me feel bad about having eyes.

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