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Thanks for the post! These are great editions. I've been trying to collect them for years, picking them up here and there in secondhand bookshops around the world. Still missing several...


hello, im just clearing out my bookcase and have a few to sell, would you be interested in any? I could send you an email list of the ones I have.

best wishes,


These are so lovely - one of the nicest Penguin series. I think my favourite has to be The Tempest.

We have quite a few of these as home, partially because David Gentleman lived across the road from my Gran for many many years. He's both a great artist and a lovely person - always nice when talent is reflected in personality :)


This is a great post, thanks. We used the "Mesaure for Measure" edition at school, so my memory of the play is jumbled up with everything else I was doing aged 17/ 18.
That's the strange thing about a book cover; it gets all mixed up with the text itself, and when and where you were reading it.(Or is that just me?)


do you have any spare Gentleman Shakespeares to sell? thanks

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