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Graham G

Oh wow, that's so gorgeous.


Beautiful. Hey Richard I have a bunch of new books that I still need to photography. You're going to love some of them.


Beautiful work. Thanks so much for posting this.

Dan Hill

That's pretty much the most beautiful bit of print work I've ever seen.


My only worry is that what you are actually experiencing here is Ace Jet peaking. I'm not sure that I can better this; it's all down hill from here on...

Mat Ranson

These are great.

Have you ever checked out http://www.airchive.com


This is very good detail. It is not often that you see this. Thanks for sharing.

Printed Paper cups

That is lovely- so different to what you usually see- and well done for keeping it so prostine if it had been in my care I'm sure it would be in a really poor state.


Wow! Stumbled across this site. Got Penrose 52 and this leaflet myself, framed.

Great website!


Hi Paul. Thanks for commenting. This is still my favourite piece of print ever.

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