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Loïc Boyer

Coooooooome on! We want to know! The people have the right to know!


No they don't. 'Tis a private matter and shall remain so.


Hmm, would you share which typeface it's in? I'd find that more interesting than the personal story! Cheers


It was a long time ago but looking at it now and bearing in mind when it was done, I'd say Franklin Gothic (it was during my Franklin Gothic period).


But if you're looking at it now (presumably in a mirror), surely it's a cap P and not a pilcrow?

Nuno Coelho

Just show us.

I have spoken!


The people have spoken, we demand a photo of your tattoo!! I'll show you mine if you show us yours? :-D

Cool article btw, nice history of the pilcrow. Takes me back to my college days!

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