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Hey, we're designers. We use Macs. We can't see anything at all with the BBC iPlayer.


Not sure quite how or why but when I follow that like it just works on my Mac. No downloading, no nothing!


Although I'm still a British citizen, I can't watch it :(
I wonder if someone will post a copy somewhere. Not suggesting that anyone do it, but...wink, wink, nudge, nudge.


Yep, my mistake. I believed the BBC (well, who wouldn't) when they suggested that iPlayer only works with Windows. Seem that on Macs you can view streamed Flash files of programmes (it's the download and saving bit that you can't do).

Oh, and you can only download (not sure about viewing a streamed file) if you're accessing from the the UK.

The Worst of Perth

Do you realise the crappy BBC player only plays to people in the UK? Absolutely mind blowingly stupid. Maybe they can also restrict the BBC world service to the UK too. What plonkers.


iplayer works fine on a mac, at least the online version does. Not sure if it works outside of the UK though and perhaps you need flash plugin


Perhaps there's legal reasons why non-UKers can't use iPlayer but I agree it's very unfortunate. I believe you have to be on a PC in order to actually download the file so I can't post it Johno.

Anyone got any suggestions?


Looks like you've started something here, Richard. The reason that non-UK visitors can't see or download the programme is all to do with copyright (explained here http://iplayerhelp.external.bbc.co.uk/help/about_iplayer/in_uk ).

Interestingly enough (and if you are in the UK), if you were to view all of your television programmes via the internet, then you don't have to have a television license.

(Richard: now try and explain what a television license is to our non-UK friends.)


"The programme is expected to be repeated at a later date on BBC2."


The Worst of Perth

The copyright explanation just made them look like bigger idiots. They are a global brand, but unlike every other organisation they can't work out a global copyright? Rubbish. Not only that but they actually rub it in your face that you can't watch it. Makes them a laughing stock.

George Morgan

Perth', it's frustrating but also quite common. Lots of US TV networks have online content only available in the US for similar reasons. There is also the issue that UK viewers are paying, through the license fee, for the privilege of using the iPlayer service. Users outside of the UK would not be doing this, which would be somewhat unfair on license fee payers.

Back on topic, thanks for pointing this out Richard, would have missed it otherwise!

Bert Vanderveen

It will be aired again op Friday April 25 on BBC2.
21:00 Hrs GMT, if I am not mistaken…
Gonna record it with eyeTV…

BTW: There are ways to circumvent the UK-localization-requirement. Use a local proxy. There is info about this to be found on the web (of course).


I think the comments here sum up the BBC's problems -- people should be talking about the programmes but instead they're talking about the artificial restrictions on watching them.

On another note, Martin Andrews is one of my lecturers and it was very exciting to see him on the telly...

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