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great stamps. Do you know what these were for? Was it some sort of Polish space program?


Sorry Dave, I haven't got any details. Think they're from 1963 though. Space things, generally, make great stamps. The Sputniks were Russian weren't they? And I don't think Mariner was Polish so I'd guess these are some kind on celebration of space exploration on an international level.


Or probably on at least a soviet level, being 1963 and all.


63 is correct - it seems the polish def have the best designed space stamps...



Wow, these are killer! Absolutely perfect.

Neal Davis

I just have to throw this in, since these are some of the coolest stamps I've ever seen. I poked around to find out more about this set, and found this collector's site which has more information (and the mysterious tenth stamp).



Great stamps! the colors are fantstic


Poland do not have any space program however we did have few astronauts and nowadays we're going to send first satalite. Of course Polish scientists are engaged in european space programs. Greetings from Poland ;)

Steve Kirkendall

OMG – they're beautiful! I'm nutty about anything to do with space. Where did you find them?

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