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Hooray!! ;)

Glenn Broadway

Why don't you clip their wings? Watch out for foxes!


Ah Glenn, the solution is in the problem: I've erected signs at regular intervals around the perimeter of our garden that say "Danger: Foxes".

If the hens know what's good for them they're not going anywhere. No need to clipped; they can remain symmetrically winged (which will be a weight off their minds I'm sure).

But I and, especially, the girls appreciate your concern. If you think of anything else, do let me know.


what font is the sign set in? I hope there were plenty of chicken eye tests prior to installation.


Rotisserie Sans is the best I can do.

emily pitts

i am not a graphic designer although in another life i really believe i could have been. i am not sure how i found your website, but i just wanted to let you know i thoroughly enjoy it. i use a lot of your examples for scrapbook designs. i just wanted to say thank you. i need to give credit where credit is due! :)


Thanks Emily.

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