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Hi Richard. Another great set. What shop is "Sorry we're open"? Somewhere you don't want to visit but have to? Dentist?


I am new to ace jet and love found type friday.
I thought I was the only one who loved this stuff!
Thanks for the inspiration.

Vicki Brown

ooo LOVING the thrift shop. Is that actually a font or just random sign-ness?

James Greenfield

The Thrift Shop was a sign on a shop in Philedelphia I saw back in 2002 when visiting. I have since found out throw Flickr the shop has gone. Shame I would love to own that type. As far as I can tell it was one off type.


So much ace signage must just get trashed. A terrible shame. Some smart cookie should set up some way of reclaiming it all and selling it on to us designers.

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