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mister phillip

The Hapoel Games stamps are a little reminiscent of Otl Aicher's 1972 Munich Olympics posters, but still really funky. The environment ones are just plain awesome - they'd scale up well as posters too.

joanna goddard

these are lovely!


awesome, I'm glad you were able to get copies. The Hapoel series is great! I need to get some.


grain edit is soooo great!

Desi McKinnon

These are beautiful. I love them. I feel a charge of inspiration.

Desi McKinnon

Also I wanted to let you know that I am loving "Chicken Watch." I really want chickens. I'm like your wife that way. I grew up with animals and miss watching and interacting with them. I live in San Diego, California, USA right now and it isn't really the right environ for chickens. Some day I will have them, but until then I will enjoy your posts.


I heart chickenwatch. Esp since its such a nonsequitor.


this blog is better than you!

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