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Chad K

This book looks amazing. Where did you find it?


They still do that quite a lot in America, I think.


Chad, I'm not sure I should disclose my sources...

Oh alright then...

Ebay of course!

Chad K

Wow, that is beautiful. (Note to self: must spend more time on ebay, if that is possible)


In Portugal you still see a lot of those, mainly on the beaches…



Speaking strictly for Iowa in the last five years, I've never seen sky writing.

Saw some once in Canada, Saskatchewan specifically, but that was in the late 1980s.


We still get aerial advertising now and again here in Brighton - maybe it's a seaside thing, with a captive audience on the beach!


Yes, aerial advertising is still quite the thing in America (or at least in Michigan). Usually it's very common to see them while sitting in rush hour traffic during the summer or at sporting events.

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