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Lucio Barbeiro

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I love it! How are they doing, really? We've got some intense heat in Indiana, and my girls just aren't laying like they should... oddly, right after I decided to let them roam during the day. Maybe there is something disturbing to them when they are not in the coop? So many questions for the first time chicken owner. I hope your girls are good, and I'll keep my eye on you!


Hi Gretchen, They're fine. I feel we've plateaued; they now just part of our lives; now surprises. I've been wondering if they're perching enough; they're not sleeping on the one in the hen house but interestingly, have adopted a very particular sleeping configuration: two side by side, leaning other the third in a protective pose. Looking forward to a quarterly trip to our feed supplier on Saturday. We're feeding them organic layers pellets and scraps. Lots of scraps. Tried them with cooked fish skin last week (yuck!) - they loved it.

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