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A sense of humour?


Heh heh, clever.
I know ours don't lay when it's too hot.
Really cool pictures. Such a bad ass chicken.

Mike Reed

Yes, ours have been looking like this recently, Richard. But as they're still recovering from their battery days, the rain lays bare all their fluffless bits, making them look a bit threadbare and miserable. They couldn't care less, of course.

Yesterday I had to shoo a couple out of my office. Can't say it's something I ever expected to have to do when I set up on my own.


Just love these roosters. Totally crazy animals.


ack! She looks so sickly! But enjoying it regardless, I'm sure.) It's good to see things are still going well. We have found that our house has become part of the "chicken route". They do get upset if they can't come in, if just for a moment, and peck the floor for a bit. They won't be long, just enough to make sure all the bits are cleaned up, and if they are lucky, a scrap of cat or dog food, here and there.

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