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Paul Gorman


Great post.

This was a favourite of Barney Bubbles - it came out in his final year at college. I've been given his copy of this book and also Illustration: aspects and directions by Bob Gill and John Lewis. Had been working on a blog about them so now will def post a follow-up to this.

They are indeed handsome devils.




Hi Paul,


Really, really enjoyed the book. So evocative. Been listening to Hawkwind ever since.

Paul G

And I've got back into Kevin Coyne.
Who'd a thunk it? Though, of course, Johnny Rotten did play Eastbourne Ladies from Marjory Razorblade on his famous 77 Capital Radio show, so it's always had a place in my cold punk heart.

Gina Federico

One of the spreads you show in this post is the Woman's Day "She's Got To Go Out" ad that my father, Gene Federico, designed. Good choice! Nice to see it here, on my first visit to your blog.

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