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Hi Richard,
I sent your post to my own comic book expert, and got the reply:

check out the Star wars pop up
Its totally amazing, Matthew Reinhart is a mad genius.

Graham G

£3! Bargain. I've got all three in the series and I love the quirky shape and the quality of the production.

Future classics to be sure.


There's actually four Graham. I've also got the Fantastic Four one, which I'll be blogging soon. that one's really funny, The Four are kind of stupid; there's a great scene in which they discuss how their car looks like a bath tub - they were very image conscious. The other two are Spiderman and Hulk, which I'd be less interested in - I think I like teams. Which ones do you have?

Graham G

Well I don't have the Fantastic Four!
Thanks for the heads-up and blast play.com for making it far too easy for me to spend my money.

btw How are the chickens?


The Fantastic Four book is funny. Have you checked out the last two pics close up? They're reveal the Four's image anxiety that specifically centres on their bath-tub-like, so called "Fantasic Car".

Chicken? Well, The Hoods got a mite problem that I need to address but otherwise they're still providing so must be happy enough.

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