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Mark Spurgeon

Very cool, looks like its from the Joe 90 or Thunder Birds 1960s TV programmes.



Hi Richard,

Designed a piece for an architecture magazine that had a little bit about the Pennine Tower late last year - check it out at http://www.sanassy.co.uk/downloads/aaj66-67.pdf

Harry Payne

I was born in Lancaster, and used to work in the Services in the restaurant (now underneath the tower) - its always a great symbol that i'm home when I see it coming up the M6...

Sean Thomas Gillard

Its funny! because I go to scotland or wales every year, and we always seem to stop at this service station. One year i took a picture of the tower, and i now have it in my living room in a frame. this reminds me of my holidays, aswell as the holiday snaps! It's a real shame that the tower dosen't get used as a restaurant anymore!!

Sean Thomas Gillard

According to some research, not long after the tower opened, some people complained about when it was lit up at night. One person said that when it was lit up at night, from a distance it looked like a UFO. I thought it was strange when i found that research. but I've stopped at this service station at night, and I think the tower lights really stand out and attract people to the service station!! I have a family relation who works at the service station, and he and his work mates are happy to have this 1960's tower to represent Forton Services!!!


i've just read a short story about the restaurant. that since the opening until present very strange and dangerous entitys or hauntings have happened there. and 4 or 5 people have disappeared from there. is there any truth or is it just fiction?

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