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Thank you for posting these pics. I am a designer who loves gardening but am currently confined to tiny apartment with a little balcony, its such a treat to see your posts on chickens, veggies, and such pop up in my reader.


That's actually really nice to hear because although our enthusiasm compels me to post about this stuff, I can't help wonder who's really interested.

Graham G

Looking superb. Our garden is suffering from neglect at the moment. We have radishes coming out of our ears but the rocket, parsely etc have all but disappeared.

Put the hens in last night to clear up the orange slugs (they refuse to eat the black ones - need to get some ducks). Each girl gobbled up a good dozen each!

Having said that one of the girls has started laying eggs with no shell - very weird.


Thanks Graham, those slugs are bastards but the girls make short work of them so we'll call them in to clear out the slimy gits too. Our birds aren't so fussy thankfully, although if we're not careful they gobble up our crops too.

We've only had one shell-less egg so far but I've heard it can happen. In fact a friend of ours has a chuck that only lays rejects. No idea what you do about it - put her in the pot and get a new one?

Harsh I know but it's survival of the fittest.

Although our's are all laying regularly, one is looking a bit mangy, losing feathers in a couple of patches. Any ideas?

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