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How about Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed, Futura Medium Condensed and Gotham Condensed Bold (I know it's overused right now, but that's not it's fault)?

Script-wise, I've got nothing.

Gym Class Magazine

Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold is a personal favourite. :) But, of course, I would say that...


Bert Vanderveen

News Gothic Condensed aint too bad… I consider it a solid workhorse of a font. In the old days I used it frequently (typeset on a Berthold).

Dan Kletter

Used to use Trade Gothic quite a bit... Might also be a bit too "now", but I do like Aaux.


I've always liked News Gothic condensed and I've rediscovered Avenir since the Avenir Next family came out and included a condensed set.

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